Campaigning on The Taxpayer Dime

Paule will do anything to make sure people see her campaign signs, even if it means hijacking city events, illegally parking and using the North Miami Beach Police to do her dirty work.

Illegally Parking Her Campaign Car At City Events

If you were to double park your car on a city roadway, you would at least expect a ticket from a friendly North Miami Beach Police Officer, but the same rules don't seem to apply to Corrupt Paule Villard. Paule parked her car like this at a City of North Miami Beach event where school supplies were being given out so her car could be seen by the parents who were there. Specifically the car was parked outside the exit of the building so parents would walk past her campaign vehicle to return to their cars. This is a tactic that Paule Villard uses to associate her name with a good deed, however in this case, Paule Villard was not even involved with the event.

When I stood about 10 feet from Paule Villard's Illegally Parked Car to hold a sign, a federally protected right, Commissioner Paule Villard ordered the North Miami Beach Police Department to remove me from the public event. A ethical commissioner who serves the public should protect our rights, as well as her own.

Hijacking City Events To Take Credit

Paule Villard is good at creating the illusion that she is generous and pays for the giveaways at city events. This is misleading and casts a shadow on the hard work and generosity of the actual people who are responsible for these donations.