A Legacy of Corruption

The People of North Miami Beach Deserve Better. Paule`s term in office has shown she only cares about one person, herself. You deserve a public servant who actually serves the public.

Wasteful and irresponsible spending - Paule Villard`s spending is beyond control, even in a recession she has not slowed her wasteful spending. If Paule cannot answer the question "How does this benefit the North Miami Beach taxpayer?" then Paule should not be spending the money. This website will document Paule`s irresponsible and wasteful spending.

This website will include several disturbing allegations to document the corruption of Paule Villard, specifically how Paule Villard uses her position to scam the taxpayers of North Miami Beach. These allegations are very serious, select "Learn More" under each item to see supporting evidence.


Commissioner Paule Villard`s Delusional Vision for North Miami Beach

Paule Villard has the words "People Over Politics" on her campaign literature and her vehicle however these are just words, words that Paule Villard uses, words that she clearly does not understand the meaning of. In truth while these words may sound promising, Paule`s actions in office are antithetical to the words on her campaign material. In this section, we will explore her campaign slogan and mission to understand that Paule is nothing more than a compulsive liar who should be using the slogan "Paule over People".


Misleading the Public

We should expect honesty and transparency from our elected officials but Paule Villard`s legacy is built on Lies.

Trust and integrity is ultimately at the foundation of our system of government and if you cannot trust that our elected officials will be honest, the whole system collapses. If you take a close look at almost anything Paule Villard says, you will find it easy to spot how misleading her statements actually are.


A History of Wasteful Spending

Lavish Travel, Luxury Resorts and Expensive Parties ... compliments of the North Miami Beach Taxpayers

2022 has been a rough year for many residents of North Miami Beach, people are struggling to pay their rent and put food on the table. In these un-certain times, our elected officials should be more conscious of their spending however Paule Villard felt it appropriate to take several unnecessary trips, all paid for with YOUR taxpayer money.


Undisclosed Income Using City Resources

Our elected officials should never use their position for personal enrichment

There is technically nothing wrong with a commissioner owning a business, however there are rules that any elected official must follow. These rules include a financial disclosure and under no circumstances should you use your position to promote or run your business and you should never even think of using North Miami Beach employees or resources for personal enrichment.


Using the Police As Her Private Limo Service

Traveling in style, funded from the city coffers of course.

North Miami Beach has a world class police department with highly trained law enforcement officers. We were shocked to learn that Paule Villard has been abusing the North Miami Beach Police Department to be at her Beck and Call as a private limo service, complete with an armed chauffeur at a estimated cost of over $10,000 this year alone.


Campaigning on The Taxpayer Dime

From hijacking city events to illegally double parking her car on a public roadway, Paule will do anything to make sure people see her face.

Paule will do anything to make sure people see her campaign signs, even if it means hijacking city events, illegally parking and using the North Miami Beach Police and City Employees to do her dirty work.


Taxpayer Funded Religious Services

To Worship and Fellowship... On the City`s dime

We live in a country where everyone has the freedom to practice the religion of their choice, it is part of the bedrock that this nation was founded on. The first amendment of the US constitution spells out this freedom in law however it also establishes a wall to separate Church and State.


Paule`s Unsung Heros

Paule`s way to reward her Family, Friends and Even Herself Using The Taxpayers of North Miami Beach to Pay The Bill

Paule Villard felt it was appropriate to allow the taxpayers of North Miami Beach to pay for a lavish ceremony to award her family and friends at a cost of over $10,000. Meanwhile the people she was elected to represent are struggling to pay their own bills. As one final middle-finger to the taxpayers of North Miami Beach, Paule Villard awarded herself the ego boosting "Quintessential Woman of the Year" award.

Election Day is November 8th, 2022

Take this opportunity to #TakeBackNMB and Vote Her Out!